Buying a Working Bouvier for the Novice Working Bouvier Buff by CHRIS REDENBACH FRENCH Version

Buying a working prospect Bouvier des Flandres

            Is a substantially different process from buying a pet or a conformation show dog. It has a different culture, a different process and different goals.
            The breeders are usually different and have very different expectations of your own level of responsibility.

            If you have become interested in owning a working Bouvier des Flandres,
            the first step is to decide whether you want a pet from working lines or whether you plan to actually work your dog in:



In order to determine this, it is realistic and will save you lots of trouble if you do some preparatory footwork before even contacting any breeders.

The better you prepare yourself with advance research about the sport, the better the questions and answers will be.

Once you have chosen a working activity and determined that you can

actually train in it in your area and have the time to invest, then go to the internet again and look at

Karin Caporal's Working Bouvier site on the French Working Bouvier site :http://www.bouviers-des-flandres.com
the NAWBA site http://www.nawba.org/ ,
the Count of Flandres site http://www.geocities.com/countofflanders/englishmain.htm
and other links to working sites.

While you should be treated respectfully, expect not to be taken very seriously if you have never titled a dog in work before. If you have titled a dog, then be ready and proud to discuss it and why you are interested in this breeder's dogs. Let the breeder know about the research you have done and what, if any, experience you have. Most breeders of proven working dogs are reluctant to put their best dogs into a totally unproven amateur's hands. This is because most amateurs never end up completing a title. They get discouraged with the amount of work and quit.

A breeder who is quite advanced in their training skills and level of competition may sell a wonderful dog for a beginner trainer that would not meet the criteria for top competition, but may be ideal for a beginner who needs to learn to drive a Toyota before a Ferrari.

Once you and the breeders you have contacted have determined if and when there would be a suitable dog for you, find out how much the breeder will be available for Questions and support.

If you are an experienced buyer who has titled working dogs, you have a better chance of getting all you want from a breeder because they will have faith that you will honor the good dog they sell you. One working dog breeder in Belgium offered for years that he would give a second dog to any buyer who took his first dog to the top level title of their sport.

A concern if you are buying from a very popular working breeder is how your pup will be selected.

Understand that the concept of a pick puppy is a misleading concept. The pick puppy for you is the best match for what you want to do and what your level of experience is. A buyer who has titled a dog to the top in a sport may be able to handle the Ferrari dog that would be above your beginner's abilities.

Also realize that some show breeders are more concerned with structure and looks than they are particular working traits when they select dogs for a breeding. Many of these people sincerely wish to breed dogs with good temperaments and aptitudes, but if they have not concentrated on developing
proven working stock, then they also will may not be as knowledgeable about what it takes to develop a working dog. It is not that they are intentionally misleading you, but rather that they themselves are a bit in the dark.

Chris Redenbach
The Balanced Dog
Arion Bouviers des Flandres

French version by Karin Caporal

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